If you don’t live in Fredericton and still want to train with us, no problem! Our online training options are perfect for you.

Choose from a Custom Training Plan, Custom Nutrition Plan, or both.




We recommend following your custom online plan for four weeks and then we will switch it up to keep your body progressing and to keep you motivated!

Access to a gym is recommended but not necessary. You will check in with us every week and submit photos, measurements, and how your weeks went.


What you will get:

  • Personal e-mail for 24 hour access for questions/motivation

  • Your custom training program 

  • Progress chart & tips to track your progress

  • Weight & exercise tracker

  • Video demonstrations & substitutions for exercises as needed/requested 

  • Cardio plan & different options 

  • Weekly check ins

  • All the motivation you need!

$100 per month




Our head coach, Laura Clendenning, uses the method of Macros Coaching for nutrition. You may also be familiar with the terms "If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM)” or Flexible Dieting.

You will have to track your food each day but you will enjoy the foods you want while seeing the results you desire! Your MACROS are Carbs, Fats, Protein, and Alcohol. Laura will determine your macros based on your gender, age, weight, activity level, and goals.


If you are:

  • Tired of eating the same things every day

  • Finding it hard to stick to your “meal plan” or diet 

  • Want to indulge and not feel guilty 

Then this is the plan for you!


What you will need:

  • Food tracker: My Fitness Pal (Free & available on iPhone, iPad, or Computer)

  • Food scale

  • Body weight scale 

  • Measuring tape 


What you will get:

  • Personal e-mail for 24 hour access for questions/motivation

  • Progress chart

  • Your custom macros (adjusted as needed)

  • Nutrient dense foods list

  • Cardio suggestions

  • Tips for eating out, planning your day, etc.  

  • Supplement recommendations

  • FAQ’s

  • All the help and tips you need to fully understand and implement IIFYM or your set plan

  • Weekly check ins

  • Recipes

  • Grocery list

  • All the motivation you need!

$50 per month