Our founder and head coach, Laura Clendenning, hosts monthly 28 Day Challenges.

This is by far my most LOVED online program! If you are looking to get into a healthy fitness routine or get back on track if you are feeling unmotivated - LOOK NO FURTHER!  

We have also created a killer #LC28Days community to hold you accountable and keep you motivated! We chat every day in a private Facebook group to make sure you're staying on track. 

I host the challenges roughly every five weeks. Each challenge is different but what stays consistent is that there are 4 mandatory workouts per week (and 2 optional). You always need dumbbells and a mat. Sometimes I pick one other piece of equipment (ex: hip band, stability ball, resistance band, etc.). This means you can do the program from home or take it to the gym.

You are competing against yourself in this challenge. "It's not about being the best. It's about being better than who you were yesterday!" 


Program Includes:

  • *** NEW *** Discount at local health food store

  • Recipe Book

  • Private Facebook group with an amazing support system (we chat every day!)  

  • Fun workouts that teach you the latest techniques (no two challenges are the same)

  • Custom macros (aka: how much you should be eating for your goals)

  • All my nutrition tips and tricks 

  • 1:1 online check-ins with me to hold you accountable

  • Daily habit coaching

  • Progress chart and tips to track your progress

  • Full 28-day training calendar to keep you on track  

  • Video demonstrations and explanations of all exercises (beginner and advanced options) 

  • Optional yoga video (w. Barbara Timmins)

  • Cardio workouts 

  • Prizes for winners (2 chosen) 

  • Are you a brand that offers products or services that you think my challengers would love? If you would like to sponsor prizes for the challenge winners and spread your brand awareness, please contact us.

Upcoming Challenge Start Dates:

All the workouts/cardio sessions take less than one hour to complete. If you prefer to workout at home, you can!


October 21st, 2019
Last day to register: October 18th, 2019


November 25th, 2019
Registration not open yet

All you need for the upcoming challenge (October) are:

Purchase Options:

Please note: all group classes must be used within the 28 days.

Online 28 Day Challenge $47.50

Online 28 Day Challenge PLUS 4 Group Classes at Sweat Club $100

Online 28 Day Challenge PLUS 8 Group Classes at Sweat Club $150

JESS - 1 YEAR.jpg

“One whole year of learning to become me again. I’ve gained back my confidence. I’ve become somebody that I love again. I couldn’t have started this journey without you, your encouragement and your positive energy (and of course the amazing workouts 🙌🏼) and I’m so grateful to where it has taken me! The best part about this new lifestyle is that I still feel like I can live. I can still go out to eat, I can have that ice cream or I can sip (or chug depending on the day) that glass of wine and NOT feel guilty. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU 😘 for being there for me over the last year if I ever needed anything/had questions and thank you for being such a lady boss and inspiring SO MANY PEOPLE!!! Truly look up to you girl!!”

- Jessica H.


“I started with Laura’s 28 day challenges in December because I knew I needed to make a change in my life. I had lost confidence in my self and was feeling tired all of the time. As someone who has never really spent time exercising I realized I couldn’t do it without some guidance. Within the first month I knew her program was something I could turn into a lifestyle. The exercises were easily done at home and I could really customize everything to my skill level. The community that she build kept me motivated to keep working on myself even on days that I didn’t want to get out of bed. When Sweat Club opened I knew I had to check out a class. I had never done a group workout class before and was really intimidated but as soon as I stepped into the space I knew that it was just as welcoming and supportive as the 28 day challenge groups have been. The classes are so motivating! The trainers all push you to do your best and are there to help you when you’re unsure about an exercise or need any modification. It’s so fun to be able to exercise with people in all skill levels. In 6 months, I’ve gone from a person who hated the idea of even working out to someone who’s excited to go to 3 group classes a week and still workout a couple days at home! I’m feeling stronger, happier, more confident in myself and have more energy than ever before. I truly can’t say enough good about Laura, her 28 day challenges and everyone at Sweat Club. I truly don’t think I could have made this change without them!”

- Lindsi George